"I just bought my first camera! What do I do now?"

It is pretty clear to me that whoever starts out in photography alone, without a photography course or something similar, has this same question: How do I start in photography? What should I learn first? What are the first steps? Should I have a photography course or can I learn how to photograph on YouTube?

I, myself, asked these same questions when I first started. These tips should help you to quickly and easily get started in photography:

The first and the main thing you…

Today I will share my latest photo session where I used colorful lights to create interesting effects to my portraits. Along with that, I will show exactly how I worked with these lights, the equipment and settings I used to take each photo and I will give you the best tips to create beautiful portraits with colorful lights.

All of the photos you are about to see were taken in my own house with the few colorful lights I have: The Aputure MC RGBWW, which is a very small, versatile, battery-powered led light I use A LOT for many of…

I have worked as a product photographer shooting luxury bags, accessories and jewellery for about a year before I started out my YouTube channel.

I have also shot clothing and food, which even though is not exactly under the product photography category, is pretty similar in many ways. Also during the weddings I shot in the past, I needed to develop the skills of a product photographer in order to photograph the couple’s rings, the invitation and the bride’s jewellery, just to mention what I have in the top of my mind.

E aí, guys? My name is Priscila Elias and one of my favourite things in photography is to shoot outdoors. Shooting outdoors can be the easiest or the most challenging situation, depending on a couple of things I will go through today. It is the type of photography I have mostly done in my life and still keep doing it frequently and that is why I decided to share the best tips I have for you to get the best out of your outdoor photoshoots!

Different from shooting indoors, where there is usually a controlled environment, there are always…

E aí, guys! My name is Priscila Elias and today I will share what, in my point of view, are the 6 best free tools for photographers that help me either with my editing process or with my workflow and productivity.

The first tool on my list is an app and it is not one I use on a daily basis — as I tend to be very careful when taking my photos — but it is also one of the most interesting ones I came across lately.

I was amazed by it and I think it…

E aí, guys? My name is Priscila Elias and today we are talking about how to make your photos look amazing with one click, or more specifically, we are talking about presets.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might have seen a video I did a couple of months ago talking about if people should use presets or not when editing their photos.

Learn the Basics

Nothing has changed. My opinion is still the same: in order for any presets to look amazing, you need to have at least an idea of what you are doing.

E aí, guys! My name is Priscila Elias and, in case you do not know, I LOVE cats. I love them so much I have four of them: Cheetah, Nego, Fandango and Hunter. They’re all Brazilians but currently live in Sweden.

That’s right, family first! When we moved to Sweden, I could not leave them behind!

… and since they’re so cute and do so many funny and cute things all the time, I thought: why not make a video with a family photoshoot? A video of me shooting some portraits with my furry family on their most genuine…

Today I will give you three simple steps you should not take in case you want to take awesome photos.

If you’re a new photographer you possibly feel there is so much to learn and to know that you might easily get lost in the middle of such a big amount of content.


Take it easy because in no time you will know all there is to know in order to take awesome photos! …

Before I tell you my opinion about this, I want you to know that I don’t think there is a right or a wrong answer for it. Each particular photographer, just as each particular videographer or artist has their own way of working and I totally understand if you do not agree with me.

But to me, the answer is no. A photographer should not deliver photos with no editing.

And I know you might have reasons to think the opposite and we will go through them in just a second, but first I want to tell you why…

I know how hard it is to start a YouTube channel. Everything costs money and, in the beginning, you don’t get a penny out of it!

Still, if you want to see your channel grow, at some point you will need to invest in your channel, starting with the equipment you use to record your videos.

Today we’re talking about mics!

There are two microphones I usually use for my videos. One is the Rode VideoMic Pro and the other one is the Rode Lav along with the Wireless Rode Go.

The VideoMic Pro can be found for around…

Priscila Elias

Photographer & content creator. Cats & chocolate lover, even better together!

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